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In a simple definition of Hamyar Nirou, we help you through integrated services of consulting, strategy, operations, quality assurance, support, as well as forming multi-specialized teams with knowledge, experience and high efficiency to focus on expertise and main focus with ease. Pay your business. At Hamiyar, by creating regulatory requirements and high quality standards for the responsibility you entrust to us, we give you and your business the assurance that “you can rest easy, we are you, and you can focus on business, profitability and business.” Focus on your core and leave the management of this part of your organizational operations to us

Why outsource?

Services that can be provided by Hamyar Niroo Alborz

Supply Human Resources

Regulations and security, promoter and merchandiser, production line and warehouse and.....


Transportation services for employees, VIP transportation, professional drivers and...

خدمات نظافت

Cleaning services

Supply of materials and equipment, professional cleaning force, management of health services and...

Food catering (industrial)

Personalized menu, cooking and serving at the organization's place, cooking and delivering food to the organization, kitchen equipment and road consulting Setup, cook, barista, waiter and....

The best choose us

Part of human resource management outsourcing services

Recruitment management

Recruiting and recruitment consulting and promoting the employer brand, adjusting or revising the recruiting and hiring process, Recruitment, talent search and...

Administrative management

Providing employment and bank certificates to employees, managing labor relations and social security, handling employee complaints, etc.

Payroll management

Management of employee accounts, payment of salaries and wages, payment of taxes and insurance, preparation and distribution of employee salary slips, etc.

Benefits management

Assistance payment, essential loan payment, management of life and accident insurance, supplementary insurance, civil liability insurance, medical services, etc.

We are there for you to reach your business safely.

In each of the projects, all actions and responsibilities are with Hamyar. You only think about the development of your business.

Hamyar Niroo Alborz, full of experience and innovation

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