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About Hamyar Niroo Alborz

In a world that is changing faster than ever, we have defined a goal for ourselves to trust in God and rely on our deep knowledge and experience and the abilities of the intellectual youth of our dear country, as a specialized accelerator in the field of human resources operations management. Medium and large companies and businesses and with the approach of solving their most urgent challenges, we will solve one of the main concerns of business owners, which is their human resource management. We thank Almighty God that so far we have been able to be a partner of many well-known businesses inside and outside our beloved country.

The goal of Hamyar

Our goal is to help create an ideal working world. This goal, which makes Hamiyar’s slogan, defines the ideal working world as a world in which work is left to the experts, there is no need to worry about the quality of doing work, and all work is done with high quality, and Finally, costs are at their minimum optimal values and activities and processes are at their most efficient possible. Hamiyar Group believes that continuous and sustainable economic growth and development in businesses takes place from this path. We at Hamiyar continuously receive feedback from you, dear customers, to improve the quality of all services, and we are proud that we have established professional experiences with the most professionals and are ready to use our knowledge, skills and experience to help realize We will use your goals and make positive changes in your business.

Our effort is to help build trust and confidence in specialized markets and businesses around the world with the insight and quality services we provide to you, and play an important and effective role in building a better working world for people, customers and Let’s play our target communities.

At Hamyarniro, we empower our experts and managers with mindsets and skills that can solve the issues and challenges facing your business in the shortest possible time, while responding and accompanying you, following professional principles and with precision and sensitivity. understand above, and fix it in the next step. Hamiarniro’s plan for these internal experts is to transform them into the transformative leaders that the world needs for its positive transformations.

Currently, there are more than 100 professionals in Hamyarniro who accompany you as employers and keep our goals and vision alive in the actions we take every day. More than ever before, Hamiarniro is investing in the skills and development of its people and in this way, by using the best talents and focusing on the skills needed in the future world, it is trying to satisfy more customers by maintaining the high quality of its services. Realize before your customers.

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Where did we come from and what was the purpose of our coming?

The story of the establishment of “Hamiar Niroo Alborz” holding goes back to 1384. When Yousef Darvishund, a young Iranian entrepreneur and co-founder of Hamyar, decided to establish this collection with the aim of solving the operational challenges of human resource management in our beloved country. Hamiyar’s idea was formed when Yusuf Darvishund, in all the businesses he was involved in their human resources process, even his family businesses run by his brothers, saw a lot of wasted time and side costs in It was aimed at managing the human resources of the collections.

With the aim of setting up a precise and economically justifiable management mechanism and system in order to provide comprehensive and zero to percent human resources management services, i.e. from the supply of personnel to the end of cooperation, he conducted his research on the accurate identification He completed the needs and concerns of employers and business owners in the field of human resources management and finally started his activity with a group of experts in this field.

Although the culture of outsourcing human resources was not as common among businesses in those years as it is nowadays, however, at the very beginning of the work, several well-known Iranian companies and several multinational factory groups who became familiar with the services of Hamiyar Group, The young and creative team trusted their capabilities and decided to outsource a part of their human resource management system, and this was the beginning of Hamyar’s professional career.

From the same years, Hamyar started its official activity as one of the main suppliers and providers of human resources management services and a leader in the field of human resources business partnership, just like its authentic and similar examples around the world, and until today The largest share of the human resource outsourcing market is owned by multinational companies and prominent Iranian business groups and factories.

We are now providing human resource management services to the owners of the largest and most famous businesses throughout our dear Iran and also the countries of the Persian Gulf, and we are very happy to be a partner and partner of these businesses, and we hope that our valuable customers Be satisfied with our services as much as we enjoy providing them.

Hamyar values

Hamiyar is a collection that puts all that a professional service provider should have in a wide range of our customers’ market as its main title and considers them as the values that give identity to Hamiyar and its players. Employers’ satisfaction with the services provided by Hamyar to their business is a proof of this claim. Our colleagues in Hamiyar are always looking for the development of their capabilities and the ever-increasing progress of themselves and the organization, and the dynamics of people in all the paths that lead to Hamiyar can be seen at any distance from this family.

The main values of Hamyar

Commitment and professional ethics
Quality and satisfaction
Responsibility and accountability
Empathy and teamwork
Development and excellence

Accomplishments of Hamyar

Now that we are talking about achievements, we prefer to talk about our most real achievements and give valuable news instead of stereotypical definitions of ourselves. Today, Hamyar proudly announces that he is proud of his 2 major achievements. With the high quality of its services and strong support and response to its employers and clients, Hamiyar has been able to take the largest share of the human resources outsourcing market among multinational organizations, and with a 98% customer satisfaction rate, it is still at the helm of this position. It is great Also, from the heart of his main business, Hamyar created 3 other successful startups that are unique and leading in their market and occupy a significant share of the competition market, and now these businesses have reached sufficient organizational maturity. have reached and are engaged in development and commercial activities as independent businesses from Hamyar.

The first idea and business born from Hamyar
The first idea and business born from Hamyar

The largest provider of services such as headhunting, computational analysis of the salary and benefits package of experts and senior managers, which of course is also the organizer of evaluation centers for the purpose of expert examination of the competencies of people at the senior levels of the organization.

The second idea and business born from Hamyar
The second idea and business born from Hamyar

A full-fledged restaurant... providing industrial catering and food preparation services to public and private organizations, which is also a cozy restaurant cafe with the capacity to host meetings, celebrations and occasions, conferences and events.

Hamyar's third child
Hamyar's third child

The newest idea born from Hamiyar, which revolves around the supply chain, and by creating a digital platform and with the presence of the main suppliers in each sector, zero to one hundred purchasing and trading processes in the supply chain of companies of all dimensions. manages and presents the best choices and routes to customers.


The main goals of the company

Institutionalization of outsourcing culture in the country

Maintaining and developing domestic and foreign target markets

Sustainable and continuous development of services and services

Maximizing company profits and enhancing intrinsic value


We think that through entrepreneurship, entering new markets and creating values and adhering to them, we can achieve our motto, which is to increase the share of the foreign target market and build a brand for the company at the global level and become one of the top 3 service providers. Outsourcing human resources management with high quality and standards in the world is a reality.


Hamiyar Group has designed and implemented its commercial and economic strategies based on the “first and best” model. We at Hamiyar believe that through planned goals, using successful experiences in professional markets, and relying on the values and capacities that we have created with the presence of capable and transformational people in the group, the ability to compete with the best of these We have the field all over the world. We think that all job seekers and employers around the world can access our services with the highest level of quality and use our valuable services. Hamiyar Group tries to provide a suitable platform for the cooperation of compatriots inside and outside the country in an Iranian company with the ability to compete internationally by attracting expert, ethical, result-oriented people with high intellectual and executive ability.

How does Hamyar define its social responsibility?

In the years of his life, Hamyar has always tried to define his main social responsibility by providing completely free services to job seekers, as well as their participation and companionship in order to attract and employ them in the organization and the conditions they are considering, without charging any fees. As it is a partner of businesses, it is also a companion of human forces in achieving their desired job position.

We at Hamiyar believe that our individual growth and development is the main factor in the progress of societies, and in order to spread the culture of development, provide high-quality education and promote the culture of reading books, by donating books to all members of the Hamiyar group anywhere in Iran. We have defined it as our other important social responsibility and we are happy that we have proudly given more than 3000 hours of organizational training and 1000 books in the field of personal development to our associates.

Message from head manger

I will start my speech with the name and remembrance of the God of beauty and kindness, who is the source of all victories and the end of all happiness…

In its more than 17 years of continuous activity in the field of providing human resource management outsourcing services, Alborz Hamyarniroy has always tried to face the issues and challenges in the target market in accordance with the daily needs of employers and with a forward-looking view and with all its strength in the direction of Take steps to solve these challenges.

Outsourcing of human resources management is considered as a highly specialized profession in developed and leading countries, which, due to the managerial nature of its activities, relies on expert and energetic manpower with high practical knowledge and the possibility of providing services to all industrial fields. It has non-industrial, economic and non-economic.

My colleagues and I believe that considering the importance and impact of our activities on the quality of business progress and the speed of their growth, providing human resource management outsourcing services to create development and solve organizational problems of businesses, without having a technical understanding of This profession and continuous, useful and successful experience is not possible in it.

We thank the great God that in these years, along with the best, we have carried out the most professional projects and therefore we have built a treasure of useful and valuable experiences. At Hamyar, we try to consider professional ethics, rule of law, financial transparency, trustworthiness and responsibility as the basis of our business relations, and by gathering a team of experts, dynamic and empathetic, we have created conditions Far from exaggerations and slogans, to provide as much pleasure and satisfaction as possible to our customers, who are real partners and constant companions of our successes, and to have a worthy, albeit small, contribution in promoting the business relations of our country.

Compliance with professional principles, continuous development of people and processes, continuous supervision and monitoring of functions and services, providing expert analysis, determining high performance key criteria and indicators, and improving intra-network cooperation and foresight in service development, in line with Protecting and maximizing the interests of all stakeholders is our main goal in Hamyar.

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