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The core of the company’s activities is based on human resources. We believe that human resources are the main capital of organizations in the field of work and competition. Organizations can make great leaps in this field by relying on the energy and motivation of their employees. With more than 17 years of experience in this field,Hamyar Niroo Alborz is your organization’s assistant and partner to achieve this goal by providing quality services. In the following, we will introduce the services that can be provided by Hamyar Niroo Alborz :

Now we are going to introduce the services of Hamyar Niroo Alborz, stay with us

Consulting and strategic planning of human resources

Human resources management


Administrative management and recruitment

Payroll management

Benefits management

Problem solving and organizational development

Promoter and merchandiser (all over Iran)

Packaging of manufactured goods

Food catering (industrial)

Physical protection and regulations

Cleaning services


Judicial and legal services

Human resource risk management consultancy

Consulting on the design of bylaws and human resources documents

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