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Does Hamyar niroo operate only in the field of labor supply?

no Hamyarnero provides various outsourcing services, only one of which is labor supply. Human resources management includes recruitment and recruitment, administrative and recruitment management, salary management and benefits management, human resources strategic planning and consulting, problem solving and organizational development, human resources risk management consulting, consulting on the design of human resources bylaws and documents. Food catering (industrial), transportation, as well as the provision of judicial and legal services are other Hamyarniro services that are currently available for employers and customers.

In the field of labor supply, which forces does Hamyar Niroo supply?

In addition to providing labor in various fields such as production line force, warehouse force and warehouse logistics, simple and skilled workers, capable forces in the field of packaging of manufactured goods, cleaning services, arrangements and physical protection, promoters and merchandisers, ceremonies and It also provides catering, drivers, and staff related to administrative and store services to employers.

Is it only the responsibility of introducing the labor force?

Hamyarniro has various cooperation models. Most of the clients of Hamiar Niro, in addition to the introduction of the workforce, carry out all the procedures related to the interview and selection of the requested personnel, perform the required legal and medical tests, receive personnel documents and file, design and conclude and manage personnel contracts, manage salaries and wages and The matters related to their payment as well as the management of the benefits of the contracted forces are also entrusted to Hamyarniro 100% and they are relieved about this.

If the employers themselves can easily hire a force, what is the advantage of cooperation with Hamyar niroo for them?

To answer this question, we have prepared a short and very useful article about the benefits of outsourcing for you, the respected employer, which we are sure that after reading it, you will decide to outsource with maximum enthusiasm and confidence.

Is there a limit on the number of requested forces in different time periods?

no Since some organizations and employers have variable sales or monthly or seasonal peak work, we know that the number of their requested forces may vary significantly. Hamiarniro does not have any restrictions in this field and knows that employers request a certain number of workers based on their needs in a period of time, and by changing their conditions, they can increase or decrease the number of people requested and the number of workers according to their needs in each Ask for help for a moment.

Have the auxiliary troops received the necessary training?

After applying different filters such as bad background inquiries and lack of addiction, occupational medicine tests, psychological tests and recruiting people, by holding specialized training classes by experienced professors and according to the field of activity of the forces (cleaning service force, ceremonial force and …) ensures that the forces are experts.

Has Hamyar niroo made arrangements for when the employer is not satisfied with the sent forces?

Due to Hamyarniro’s expertise in providing trained and experienced dispatching forces, the conditions for changing personnel if they do not meet the criteria of the employer are available in the shortest possible time and there are no restrictions in this field.

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